Friday, November 11, 2011

Chinese Telephone Centre

Hi there.. 
First of all I would like to tell you, my naughtychchi was sent to me this article. Anyway I like to publish again this via my blog. Have a fun gals and gays, oops…! Sorry, sorry GUYS

That’s a Story…

Caller : Hello… Can I speak ANNIE WAN?

Operator : Ya. You can speak to ME

C : I want to speak to ANNI WAN!

O : Ya. I can understand you want speak to ANYONE, so you can speak to me. Who’s this?

C : I’m SAM WAN, and I need to call ANNIE WAN. it’s urgent.

O : I know you’re SOMEONE and  you need to talk ANYONE. But what’s this urgent matter?

C : Well. Just tell my Sis ANNIE WAN that our brother NOE WAN was faced in an accident. NOE WAN go injured and now NOE WAN was sent to the hospital Right now. AVERY WAN is on his way to the hospital

O : Look..! If NO ONE was injured and NO ONE was set to the hospital, then the accident isn’t an urgent matter! You may find this hilarious but I don’t have time for this

C : Oops… You’re rude. Who’re you..?


C : Ya… you should be SORRY. Anyway… now give me your name

O : That’s what I Said. I’m SAW REE

C : Oh… God

Hah!  J
How is that my friends? Is it so funny known?
(Specially, I need to tell you. That’s only narrative. I never mind to insult any person. Okay)

See you again



  1. අන්තිමට දෙන්නටම කරකැවිල වගේ ඇති..

  2. මාව චයිනීස් නූඩ්ල්ස් එකක් වගේ කැරකිලා ගියා..

  3. අපේ ටවුමේ තිබ්බා චීන දත් බදින කඩයක් ..උගේ නම චෙන් කූන් ...එක එක කාඩ් ගහලා අන්තිමට උගේ පුතා ජැකි ජෑන් උනා...හික් හික් .....


ඔයාලාට හිතෙන අදහසත් ලියලාම යන්ටකෝ...

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